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Are Online Degree Programs as Good an On-campus Degree Courses?

Online education is acquiring more recognition day by day with reputable institutions like Yale and Harvard offering plethora of online courses. The American students are gradually recognizing the flexibility offered by the online courses and choosing these programs to enhance their educational qualification. In spite of the rapid growth of online education systems, there are running debates questioning the value of online degrees. While a report published by “Going the Distance: Online Education in the United States, 2011,” shows more than 6.1 million people attending at least one online class at the end of 2010, there are critics who look at the online schools as diploma mills. Now, the question is: who is correct? Is it the critics who consider the online degrees as a cop-out alternative to the on-campus degree programs?, or the ones who are opting out these programs to upgrade their qualification? Let’s find out.

Let us start with the research works conducted to find out the effectiveness of the online educational programs and their benefits over online degreestheir on-campus counterparts. As far as the quality of education is concerned, there is no such marked difference between online courses and traditional programs, at a study performed by North Carolina University, at least, claims so. A professor of Nova Southeastern University performed a research work to confirm that the students pursuing online degrees perform as well as those taking up traditional degree courses and, at times, even better. A report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education assessed a meta-analysis of 551 reports on online study system and compared the results of on-campus and online courses to conclude that the pupils pursuing online study programs performed better.

It’s true that online degree programs are flexible and come with myriads of benefits, but all courses cannot be done online. There are certain educational courses that should be done from campus-based colleges. If you are interested a course that needs a lot of lab work and hands-on training, it is better to choose a campus-based college to pursue that course.

Do the employers value the online degree holders? In most cases, it does not matter to the recruiters whether a degree is acquired online or on-campus? A study conducted in 2008 asked 1500 CEOs and business owners about their opinions on online education. 45 % of CEOs and business entrepreneurs believed that the online courses as credible as campus-based programs.

To conclude, it is advisable to pursue an online program from a well-recognized college accredited to the United States Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education. Whether you are pursuing an online criminal justice degree or an MBA degree, check the coursework offered by your chosen college. Remember, online educational programs are not less expensive than campus-based ones. Thus, it is better to check if your college offers financial aid or scholarships.


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